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Viking Inflatable Seals have been used across multiple industries for a diverse and ever growing range of applications from wind tunnels to mega yachts. The animations below illustrate a small selection of the uses and functions of Viking Inflatable Seals. The applications shown have been selected demonstrate the range of profile and seal configurations available and the versatility of inflatable seals. For more information please download our catalogue or contact one of our technical advisors.

Mixer Lid with Moulded Corners

There can be many challenges positively sealing containers against dry powders and fluids through many repeated processing cycles. Viking inflatable seals can be manufactured with pre-moulded corners to enable a leak tight seal around square cornered powder/fluid processing equipment. Viking inflatable seals are manufactured from FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and EC1935/2004 certified silicone making them suitable for use in food processing plants.

Straight Length Clamp on Conveyor

Straight length inflator seals can be used in a variety of clamping and actuating applications. They provide uniform pressure down their entire length and allow for soft clamping of fragile or irregularly shaped parts. Rapid inflation/deflation and long service lives make them an ideal solution on production lines.

Nuclear Airlock Door

Air lock doors may be positively sealed using Viking inflatable seals. The seal can be fitted around the outside of the door and expand outwards to form a seal against the door frame. The method means there is no protruding seal which could obstruct equipment and personnel whilst ensuring a positive seal that accounts for tolerance variation within the door frame.

Bifolding Door

Viking inflatable seals enable a seamless transition between outside and inside with no threshold giving the ‘infinity look’. They provide a watertight seal that reduces noises and drafts. Inflatable seals provide solutions for large doors where the variance in sealing gap may not be accommodated by a static seal.

Yacht Door Seal

Inflatable seals make an ideal choice for marine door and window applications where a watertight seal is essential. When the door or window is shut, the seal is inflated to ensure no leakage into the cabin. Inflatable seals are manufactured from weather and UV resistant silicone, and they provide a watertight seal across large areas where sealing gaps may vary.

Autoclave/ Steriliser Seal

The heat and water resistant properties of silicone make it an effective sealing solution for autoclaves and other sterilising applications. Viking inflatable seals can operate in a temperature range from -70°C to +260°C, they are steam resistant at 100°C and are manufactured from USP Class VI Material.