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Marine Applications for Silicone Rubber

Viking Extrusions are suppliers to many yacht manufacturers globally, providing bespoke silicone extrusions for interior and exterior uses. Silicone rubber is well suited to marine applications due to its ability to operate effectively in extreme temperatures (-60°C to +200°C). Furthermore, silicone has outstanding resistance to environmental elements. It is resistant to rain, wind, salt, Ozone and UV. These properties make silicone rubber well suited to marine applications where silicone rubber can increase the reliability and service life of sea faring vessels.

Silicone Products for Marine Usage

Silicone rubber’s resistance to outdoor elements and its versatility makes it an ideal choice of material for a range of marine applications including:

  • Door Seals
  • Window Seals
  • Pipe seals
  • Lighting Seals
  • Engine gaskets
  • Grommets
  • Vibration dampening
  • Panel seals
  • Interior finishing

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Inflatable Seals for Marine Applications

Viking Extrusions are leading manufacturers of silicone rubber inflatable seals. Our bespoke inflatable seals provide watertight solutions for applications where large and variable gaps must be effectively sealed. Marine applications for inflatable seals include:

  • Door seals
  • Window seals
  • Propeller shaft maintenance seals
  • Portholes
  • Cargo hatches
  • Cofferdam Bulkheads

For more information on inflatable seals, click here to visit our dedicated page where you may download a copy of our catalogue which contains more information.  For any additional questions please contact one of our experienced technical advisors.

Case Studies

Because of our experience, expertise and commitment to quality we are proud to have supplied inflatable seals and other products to some of the largest mega yachts in the world.  Projects we have been involved on include:

  • MY Sunrays
  • MY Mirabella V
  • MY Vibrant Curiosity

Learn More About Marine Applications for Silicone Rubber

To learn more about how Viking Extrusions can assist in the supply of silicone seals for marine usage, please contact one of our technical advisors.