Here are just some of the reasons silicone is the best material for bespoke seals and extrusions.


Temperature resistance

Silicone has an amazing resistance to both hot and cold temperatures, making it suitable for an incredibly wide range of applications, from industrial freezers to ovens. It’s also incredibly efficient at containing extreme temperatures, essential for controlled environments and making it the seal of choice for a number of industries.


Resistance to environmental factors

One of the main specifications our clients come to us with is that their bespoke silicone seals must be able to withstand a variety of environmental factors, such as Ozone and UV stresses, and unpredictable weather including rain, wind, snow, sleet and frost. This is essential if your silicone seals are providing outdoor electrical protection.


Silicone benefits from low compression set

One vital aspect of any seal is that it needs to be able to maintain its shape, even if it’s under compression for a long period of time. This is to ensure your products are sufficiently sealed to keep your customers safe and secure, a factor particularly important for doors or other enclosures that require extended amounts of pressure to be sealed, but cannot be deformed when opened again.


Silicone is a safe material

At Viking Extrusions, a number of our clients work in the food or beverage industry, or manufacture goods such as ovens and freezers. Silicone is the perfect material to manufacture bespoke seals as it’s an inert polymer. This means our clients can safely use this material without having to worry about customer safety, and because all our bespoke silicone seals are manufactured to FDA standards, they’re safe to be on contact with food and beverages.



With over 6000 existing tools at our disposal, Viking Extrusions have the ability to manufacture bespoke silicone seals that can be utilised for any application. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality bespoke silicone seals efficiently and at affordable prices.


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