Marine Applications

Inflatable seals provide watertight solutions for sliding window and door applications.

Inflatable seals are often used for transom and salon doors on yachts and can be provided in continuous loops. With the use of moulded corners inflatable seals can also be made into frames and U shapes to suit individual applications.

Frog leg and channel fit profiles are commonly used in these situations as they can be fitted into machined grooves with no overhang to provide more aesthetic solution.  Other marine applications include: portholes, cofferdam bulkheads, cargo hatches and seals that allow for the maintenance of propeller shafts. 


Powder and Solids Handling

Inflatable seals are used in food processing and pharmaceutical industries where the transfer and storage of dry powders requires an airtight seal.

Examples of these applications include: inflatable seals for butterfly valves, slide gate inflatable seals, bulk bag filler seals, drum filling inflatable seals, hopper seals and seals for viscous pumping equipment.

Foot/Stem location profiles and channel fit profiles are often used in these scenarios, as they can connect and disconnect quickly.

Our FDA approved silicone that is free from TSE/BSE bi-products is perfectly suited to these environments.

Energy Generation

In the energy generation industry, specifically nuclear power, Viking inflatable seals manufactured to meet the tight tolerances and stringent quality control required.

Within nuclear power plants foot/stem location inflator seals are used to effectively seal pool gates.

 Inflatable seals are also used to seal airlocks, access doors, equipment hatches.

During shutdown and maintenance periods inflatable seals are used as nozzle dams to block coolant flow from reactor to steam generator.  

Air Tight Doors

When an airtight seal is required on a door inflatable seals can be used to ensure a positive seal. The seals expand towards the sealing face and account for any tolerance variation in the door’s manufacture.

Using an inflatable seal not only allows for a positive seal but also allows for frequent access as they are quickly inflated/deflated. Footed Snap profiles and Stem/Foot location profiles make for a good solution in these kind of applications, as they can be mechanically retained

These seals are often used in nuclear power and chemical processing plants as well as labs and research facilities.


Transportation, Aerospace & Defence 

Inflatable seals are used for a diverse range of bespoke and technical applications within these markets.

Inflatable bladders are used to provide uniform pressure when bonding airframe components. Inflatable seals are also used for sealing wind tunnels when testing aircraft components.  

On railroad passenger cars, inflatable seals are used to allow for rapid boarding and discharge of passengers through larger doors as well as providing an airtight seal which reduces noise and drafts. 


Life Sciences

Inflatable seals can be used to provide watertight seals on the cab doors and tail gates of military and other vehicles

The specialist material used in our inflatable seals is FDA and USP Class Vi certified making it perfectly capable of meeting the requirements of medical and life science applications.

The heat and water resistant properties of silicone make an effective sealing solution for autoclaves and other sterilising applications. 

Inflatable seals can also be used to seal glove boxes in aseptic manufacturing environments, as well as actuators to position equipment trays during processing. 


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