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OE Prototyping

OE Prototyping

Lead times and Minimum Order Quantity

Viking Extrusions are specialists in small production runs for prototyping work. We can offer minimum order quantities as low as 10m, depending on the size of the extrusion. Our lead times are short compared to other material and processes. Delivery on a prototype run is 10 – 14 days (including profiles that require new tooling).


Over the last 25 years Viking Extrusions has built a stock of over 7,000 different extrusions tools. For more common profile shapes, it is likely that we will be able to provide a solution without the need to cutting a new tool. For applications where a new tool is required, we can manufacture a new tool in a matter of days, not weeks like other plastics and rubbers. This makes silicone an ideal choice of material for prototyping where production speed is critical.

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3D Printing

Viking Extrusions has invested into the use of 3D printers. For certain applications, we can print test models of parts in a flexible rubber-like material. This allows ideas to be tested quickly and on a small budget before investing in tooling for full production runs.


Find Out More About Silicone Prototyping

To learn more about how Viking Extrusions can assist with your prototyping project, please contact one of our experienced technical advisors.