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Inflatable Seals

Inflatable Seal Profiles

Viking Extrusions is one of the largest silicone inflatable seals manufacturers in the UK. We offer a range of different inflatable seal profiles, and can manufacture unique profiles to more exactly match your application.

Inflator-seals are an inflatable silicone seal (like a door or aperture seal) that can be inflated to accommodate a variable sealing gap. When pressure is applied the seal inflates to conform to uneven surfaces and provides a reliable barrier from moisture, damp and other contaminants. Seals are supplied deflated.

Inflator seals can operate in temperatures from -60c to +200c and even higher temperatures for shorter periods of time. Expansion capabilities (the ability to close a gap) vary by profile.

Our seal profiles are designed to ideally suit a diverse range of applications. Look through our range of inflatable seal profiles for more precise data on each seal’s ideal usage. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements please contact  one of our technical advisers who would be happy to help you.

Quality Control

Viking inflator-seals are manufactured from our own high tear strength FDA approved silicone and come as standard in cobalt blue, favoured by the food industry.

Viking Extrusion’s inflatable seals are manufactured at an ISO9001:2015 certified facility located in the UK. Each seal is individually tested by submersion leak tests and pressure tests to ensure it meets the requirements of our quality control system.

Every item dispatched is supplied with a laser etched unique reference number and a corresponding signed test certificate. This method assures consistent quality and traceability for all seals.