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Silicone Sponge Cord

Why Silicone Sponge Cord?

Viking Extrusions are pleased to assist with your requirements for silicone sponge cords. This diverse and flexible material has been increasing in popularity steadily in the last decade. This material’s closed cell structure creates an excellent seal against water, whilst also providing great durability in both indoor and outdoor environments. It has a highly malleable and compressible structure, allowing it to be easily adapted and used in a range of demanding applications. On top of this, silicone sponge cords can withstand both very low and very high temperatures and is able to resist UV and Ozone weathering.

This is a very versatile product that can be used across a wide range of sealing and cushioning applications, including weather and environmental seals, sponge gaskets, sound and vibration isolation, and motor insulation. It performs exceptionally well in high temperatures, making it a great choice for food processing and pharmaceutical use. Silicone sponge is also used in domestic applications, including boilers, white goods, and light fittings.

High Quality Production to Your Exact Specifications

We have a strict quality and production policy and recognise the importance of finding the right quality, density, and grade for your application. We only source our raw materials from the highest quality sources and each process during production is subject to critical quality control checks. All production passes through our final inspection department prior to despatch to ensure you receive the highest quality product. We pride ourselves on manufacturing silicone sponge sheeting to the best possible standard.

We supply closed cell silicone sponge sheets in range of thicknesses from 1.5mm to 25mm. As with most other extrusions we can also offer silicone sponge in cut and joined rings or punched gaskets if required. If you have any questions regarding silicone sponge please contact one of our technical advisers.