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Viking Extrusions is a dynamic specialist manufacturer of precision silicone products, located in Worthing, West Sussex. The company has been serving worldwide customers for over 25 years with profiles and components that are both complex and diverse. We pride ourselves on the flexibility, knowledge and expertise that is available in-house, accumulated through years of prototyping and development work.


We Work in partnership with our customers to provide silicone products that always meet and where possible, exceed our customers expectations, based on the following precepts:

 1.The requirements of our customers are collected effectively to ensure that Viking Extrusions Ltd is capable of achieving customer expectations,

2.The requirements of all interested parties are clearly understood so that our products and services can be delivered in a timely and professional manner,
3.All processes employed by Viking Extrusions Ltd to deliver our products and services are determined, resourced appropriately, documented, monitored and measured to ensure conformance to:

a. Customer requirements,

b. Quality objectives, and

c. Any applicable industry regulations and legislation,

4.All Viking Extrusions Ltd employees are competent for their area of work through academic achievement, training and experience, where appropriate,
5.Effective mechanisms are in place to monitor and measure customer satisfaction so that Viking Extrusions Ltd achieves its commitment to continual Improvement.

To provide for this policy, Viking Extrusions Ltd has established a Quality Management System (QMS) in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. The QMS is an integral part of our process management and the organization is dedicated to its continual improvement by:

1.Providing clear focus on priorities by establishing business and quality objectives, which are reviewed periodically through the management review process,
2.Making available the necessary resources to ensure that the QMS remains effective in achieving business and quality objectives, conforming to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard,
3.Top management’s participation in the monitoring and measurement of the performance of the QMS is focussed on acting on opportunities for continual improvement.

Viking Extrusions Ltd has implemented an Internal Audit Programme to ensure the ongoing suitability and conformity of the QMS is assured. The QMS has the full support of all senior management and staff.


Robert Luff