Environmentally Friendly Silicone: Protecting The Environment

As the leading rubber extrusion manufacturer and supplier in the UK, we continuously push industry boundaries to introduce innovative and revolutionary products.

As the leading rubber extrusion manufacturer and supplier in the UK, we continuously push industry boundaries to introduce innovative and revolutionary products. One goal we are always striving to work towards is ensuring a greener and more eco-friendly future, showcased in our newest product offering, VGPECO.

In this article, we go into more detail about VGPECO, our newest and most innovative offering, providing an environmentally-friendly silicone solution.

VGPECO - The Product

This new product offers the same uses and benefits as traditional silicone products, working alongside multiple surfaces, including plastics, metals, and glass. However, VGPECO provides a greener alternative, utilising sustainable energy sources and manufacturing techniques that are less energy-intensive compared to the standard industry methods.

As a leading provider of premium silicone products, we can assure you that we only work with the best partners and provide the best materials and products to our customers. As our latest offering, you can be confident that when looking at our more eco-friendly products, you will receive the same high quality and durability as the rest of our ranges.

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The Manufacturing Process

The VGPECO manufacturing process works to reduce the amount of fossil resources used to create the silicone product, balancing the raw fossil materials used and offsetting these with bio-methanol.

The bio-methanol used within this process is created from sustainable and renewable plant-based sources, including grass clippings, hay or more. Additionally, all materials and resources used in the manufacturing process are completely traceable to the exact detail, meaning you can have complete clarity on the product you are using.

Product Applications

As mentioned, VGPECO provides the same guaranteed quality we have become known for and can be used for the same applications as our other silicone rubber products, ensuring it is suitable for various industries, including construction, food and dairy, pharmaceutical, and more.

Silicone is used in a diverse range of industries and is involved in manufacturing many everyday products you may not have given a second thought. For more information on the applications of silicone rubber and to explore the surprising industries that use silicone, read our recent article.

Environmental Impact of Silicone

Traditional silicones have a larger environmental footprint than you may have initially thought due to the non-sustainable hydrocarbons used within their production and the energy-intensive process used to create these products.

Let’s work together towards a greener future with this revolutionary and sustainable silicone solution that maintains the same amazing properties as regular silicone products, including:

  • UV & Ozone resistance
  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • Moisture & steam resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Weather resistance

Working with Viking Extrusions

As well as selecting a premium quality of product, like our new environmentally friendly silicone solutions, it’s important to choose a trusted and reliable supplier, like Viking Extrusions.

At Viking, we have become renowned for our industry-leading quality and guaranteed reliability, having helped hundreds of customers and industry projects across the UK with our diverse range of silicone products, including inflatable seals, silicone rubber tubing, and many more types of rubber extrusions. When working with us, you will benefit from guaranteed quality control, bespoke extrusion-making capabilities, and industry-leading delivery times that you can rely on.

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