Dairy & Food Safe Silicone Rubber Extrusions

Viking Extrusions are a leading supplier of silicone rubber products formulated to meet FDA requirements for use in the food and dairy industries.

Silicone Rubber in the Food and Dairy Industries

Silicone is used for many applications in the food processing and dairy industries. It is inert, has non-stick properties and is resilient to extreme high and low temperatures. Viking Extrusions manufacture silicone rubber seals and gaskets which are supplied to customers worldwide.


Food Processing

The tight regulations of the food processing industry call for a material that can satisfy health and safety requirements. Silicone rubber is the material of choice for such applications, its high operating temperatures and positive sealing properties make it well suited for mixing and cooking processes. Silicone can be supplied in extruded seals or cut gaskets for many food processing applications including oven door seals, freezer seals and gaskets on mixing machines. All the material supplied by Viking Extrusions is FDA approved and completely safe for contact with food.


Silicone rubber is increasingly being used to replace organic rubbers in the dairy industry. The strength, temperature and hygiene properties of the material make it a robust solution for dairy applications.

Hygiene, Flexibility and Durability

  • Our general-purpose material (VGP) and platinum cured (VPLT) has a smooth surface finish when extruded. This makes tubing easier to clean and reduces the risk of harmful bacteria build up.
  • Silicone rubber maintains its properties at temperatures as low as -60°C, meaning flexible tubing that does not crack or split in freezing temperatures.
  • Our grades of silicone rubber are durable with high tear and tensile strengths. This ensures long service life when subjected to the daily wear and dear of usage in the dairy industry.


General Purpose Silicone

Our general-purpose silicone is the ideal solution for a diverse range of food and daily applications. It is naturally translucent, making it suitable for uses such as brewery tubing. The material is easily pigmented and can be matched to any required colour. Operating temperatures are from -60°C to + 200°C (special high temperature grades can withstand up to 300°C).


Metal Detectable Silicones

For food processing applications we offer metal detectable silicone from 45° shore A to 75° shore A. This material is FDA approved and conforms to EC directive 1935/2004.

Platinum Cured

Viking Extrusions also offer platinum cured silicone rubber which eradicates the use of peroxide catalyst during processing. Platinum cured silicone if often used for dairy tubing due to its high tear strength characteristics.

Silicone Products for Food & Dairy

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