Rubber Extrusions for Civil Engineering

Viking Extrusions are a leading supplier of silicone rubber extrusions, and gaskets used on civil engineering projects internationally.

Silicone Rubber Applications in Civil Engineering

As building design continues to advance, so does engineers’ requirement for high performance materials. In modern buildings, the exceptional properties of silicone rubber help to expand what is possible.

Silicone profiles are often fitted to glass, steel and plastic panels which are widely used in the building industry. As buildings get taller they are more vulnerable to movement from wind and ground vibration, silicone rubber can dampen vibrations and absorb stresses in buildings.

Silicone is resistant to UV and Ozone, allowing it to have a longer lifespan than other types of rubber when used in outdoor environments. Silicone provides excellent vibration dampening as well as having outstanding sealing properties. It can prevent water, dust and dirt ingress making it a suitable choice of material for many construction applications. Moreover, silicone has a wide working temperature range from -60°C to +200°C making it suitable for the hottest summers or harshest winters anywhere in the world. 

Silicone Products for Civil Engineering

Viking Extrusions produce a wide range of seals and gaskets for use in small and large construction projects. General purpose grades of silicone are suitable for many applications. However, in public areas, where safety is most important, we can supply low smoke and low toxicity flame retardant grades of silicone. For aesthetic applications, our in-house milling facilities enable us to offer silicone in any colour required. We can colour match to specific RAL or Pantone references as required. Some common uses for silicone extrusions in civil engineering applications include:

Case Studies

Viking Extrusions have provided silicone rubber seals for many major construction projects internationally. Some notable projects we have been involved with are:

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