Viking Extrusions are a leading supplier of silicone rubber extrusions, mouldings and gaskets for use in the automotive sector.

Silicone for Automotive Applications

Viking Extrusions humbly started out manufacturing classic car door seals over 25 years ago. Today, we are key partners of the automotive industry — helping to deliver all kinds of rubber seals for cars and other innovative solutions.

As cars increase in strength and power, so has the need for higher-quality automotive rubber seals. The use of silicone has become increasingly popular in vehicle manufacturing. Mainly, due to its reliable performance in extreme high and low temperatures ( -60°C to + 200°C). Silicone also demonstrates exceptional resistance to weathering. It is resistant to UV, ozone, rain, wind, salt and many chemicals.

These qualities make silicone rubber the ideal choice for car rubber seals, including car door seals; windscreen rubber seals, and all the other more general rubber seals for cars, motorhomes, and so on.

Reliable automotive seals are important because they help to extend the service life of automotive assemblies. Including classic car door seals, which we are still manufacturing today.

Where automotive rubber seals are used

Silicone rubber’s versatility lends itself to being used in a wide variety of car parts including:

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