Bespoke Silicone Sponge Profiles

With 30 years of experience providing silicone sponge profiles to numerous industries across the UK, Europe and globally, you can expect the highest quality service. We have a vast range of silicone sponge grades, suitable for all applications. We manufacture all our silicone products to very tight and precise tolerances for supreme performance.

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About Our Silicone Sponge Profiles

A vast majority of our silicone sponge profiles are bespoke and manufactured to the customer’s exact specifications. Our highly experienced team are on hand at all stages of the process to give advice on the design for the manufacturability assessment of your profile. 

Silicone sponge is given its unique cellular structure through the use of blowing-agent additives. These additives give the material an off white colour but can be pigmented to achieve most colours if you require this. 

These bespoke silicone sponge profiles have so many benefits. The main one is its amazing heat insulation that comes from the materials’ very low thermal conductivity. It is also both oxidation resistant and has excellent sealing properties due to its chemical stability and its ability to deal with them.


  • Excellent sealing properties 
  • Minimal water absorption 
  • UV Resistant 
  • Oxidation Resistant 
  • Vibration dampening 
  • Excellent heat insulation 
  • Lightweight material

About Our Service

Here at Viking Extrusions, we have been providing high-quality silicone sponge profiles for over 30 years. So we can guarantee that you will receive the highest quality products and services when dealing with us. We can also guarantee unrivalled customer service, short turnaround times and prices that are sure to rival our competitors.  

We are able to offer many different grades of silicone sponge, our general-purpose silicone sponge is available in three densities.

Grade Density (Imperial) Density (Metric)
VDG16 16 lb/ft3 250 kg/m3
VGD24 24 lb/ft3 400 kg/m3
VGD33 33 lb/ft3 600 kg/m3

What are the advantages of silicone sponge profiles?

Silicone sponge is the material of choice for a range of applications across multiple industries due to its many advantageous properties. Silicone sponge offers all of the benefits of solid silicone rubber whilst its cellular structure allows for better sealing at lower compression forces.

Some key properties of silicone sponge include:

Industries that use silicone sponge profiles

Silicone sponge profiles manufactured by Viking Extrusions are supplied to a diverse range of industries worldwide, some of the primary industries using silicone rubber tubing include:

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