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Viking Extrusions are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of silicone inflatable seals. We have been manufacturing silicone inflatable seals for over 20 years. During this time, we have pioneered many innovative new tooling and manufacturing techniques. Our team have gained a vast amount of experience and technical expertise providing solutions for a diverse range of applications.

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What are inflatable seals?

Inflatable seals, also called pneumatic seals or are seals, are made from a hollow extruded profile which is joined into an airtight seal. The seal can then be inflated to form a seal between two surfaces.

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What are the advantages of inflatable seals?

Silicone inflatable seals have many advantageous properties including:

Quality Control and Testing

All of our inflatable seals are manufactured at our ISO9001: 2015 certified facility in the UK. Each seal is individually tested by submersion leak tests to ensure it meets the requirements of our quality control system. Every inflatable seal is supplied with a laser etched unique reference number and corresponding signed test certificate. This method ensures consistent quality and full traceability for all of our inflatable seals.

Learn more about quality at Viking Extrusions.

Applications of Inflatable Seals

Our inflatable seals are supplied to multiple industries worldwide. They are used for a diverse and ever-growing range of applications from wind tunnels to mega yachts.  Some of the industries and applications of our inflatable seals include:

Mixer Lid with Moulded Corners

Mixer Lid with Moulded Corners

Straight Length Clamp on Conveyor

Straight Length Clamp on Conveyor

Nuclear Airlock Door

Nuclear Airlock Door

Bifolding Door

Bifolding Door

Yacht Door Seal

Yacht Door Seal

Autoclave/Steriliser Seal

Autoclave/Steriliser Seal

Inflatable Seals Manufacturing Capabilities

Castellated Profiles

These profiles are designed for heavy duty applications and can seal against high differential pressures. They are commonly used in radial, axial and straight configurations. The expansion of these seals is relatively small compared to the profile height.

Frog-Leg Profiles

These profiles are designed to fit into a square channel. Their “frog-leg” design allows them to expand and seal large gaps relative to their size. These profiles best suit radial outward expansion and axial expansion. They can be used with moulded corners to achieve tight radius corners.

Footed Snap Profiles

Similar to frog leg profiles, these profiles provide a large expansion relative to their size. The dovetail shape at their base allow them to be ‘snap fitted’ into a mechanical retainer.

Channel-Fit Profiles

These profiles are also similar to frog-leg profiles. Their design allows them to expand over a large distance relative to their width and they can be easily retained in a square channel. These profiles are most suited for applications that require outward radial or axial expansion.

Stem/Foot Location Profiles

These profiles are used for a wide range of applications as they are easily fitted into a variety of mechanical retainers. When inflated these seals are fully rounded, giving them a large expansion range. They are suitable for use in radial, axial or straight length applications.

Unique Profiles

We are able to manufacture bespoke and unique inflatable seals to suit any specific application.

Seal Configurations

We have a large range of existing profiles available for use which can be viewed below. If you require a bespoke solution or a new profile, please contact one of our technical team who will be happy to assist with your project.

Valves & Air Connectors

Air Connector Types

We are able to manufacture inflatable seals with a large variety of valves and air connectors including:

Air connectors can be bonded into place, secured with a nut and washer, or with a moulded cone.

Air Connector Positioning

Air connectors are most commonly joined to the base of the seal. For some profile shapes it is possible to join air connectors into the side wall of the profile. However, this can have an adverse effect on the seal’s lifespan and durability. For straight length inflatable seals, it is possible to join air connectors into one or both ends of the seal.

Inflatable Seals with Moulded Corners

Each specific profile design has a minimum bend radius in both its radial and axial planes. Bending a profile below its minimum bend radius will cause it to kink or deform and impair its functionality. For applications where tight radii are required, moulded corners are used to achieve an optimum result.

We are able to design tooling and mould corners for inflatable seals in-house, allowing us to produce high quality seals, at competitive prices and with short lead times, all to bespoke design requirements. If an off-the-shelf solution is required, we have a catalogue of existing mould tools which may be utilised in your design to further reduce costs and lead times.

For advice on moulded corners contact one of our technical team

Materials Used for Inflatable Seals

Our inflatable seals are manufactured from a specially developed grade of silicone rubber, VINF60. This compound has been formulated and independently tested to exhibit characteristics such as high tear strength and good joining properties. VINF60 is transparent can be pigmented to most colours. VINF60 is compliant to:

  • FDA 21CFR 177.2600
  • BfR chapter XV
  • EC1935/2004
Property Value
Temperature Range
Appearance Transparent
Density at 20°C Approx. 1.16g/cm3
Hardness (Shore A) 60
Tensile Strength 10.3 N/mm2
Elongation at Break 524%
Tear Strength 27.5 N/mm
Compression Set (22hrs @ 175°C) 21%

We can also manufacture inflatable seals from a range of other silicone rubber compounds including high temperature, flame retardant and steam resistant grades.

To view materials and datasheets visit our materials page. For more information on silicone’s chemical compatibility, click here.

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