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Viking Extrusions are a leading supplier of silicone rubber extrusions, mouldings and inflatable seals designed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Applications for Silicone Rubber

The aerospace industry has many critical applications where high-performance materials are required to ensure passenger safety and operational efficiency are achieved. Silicone rubber is a widely used solution to such challenges. Silicone maintains its properties across a wide temperature range (-70°C to + 220°C) making it well suited for the demands of the aerospace and aviation industries. It can perform in elevated temperatures as engine components, as well as when exposed to cold temperatures at high altitudes.

Viking Extrusions have been manufacturing silicone rubber products for the aerospace industry for over 30 years.  We have experience producing silicone parts for all levels of the supply chain and distributing them globally.

Specialist Silicone Grades for use in Aerospace

To meet the requirements of the aerospace industry, Viking Extrusions have developed specialised grades of silicone. These have been formulated and compounded with our in-house milling facilities. Our materials have been independently tested and are certified to the following FAR/JAR 25.823 specifications:

  • F1  –   Flammability CS25.853 (a) Amdt.18 App.F Pt.I(a)(1)(i) & (b)(4) 60s Vert.
  • F3  –  Flammability CS 25.853(a) Amdt.18 App.F Pt.I(a)(1)(v) & (b)(5) 15s Horiz.
  • F5  – Flammability CS.25.853(a) Amdt.18 App.F Pt.I(a)(2)(ii) & (b)(6) 30sec/45° (60sh only)
  • F9 –  Smoke Emission ABD0031 IssF
  • F10  – Toxic Gas Emission ABD0031 (ppm) IddF

These grades of material are produced with a cream / off-white natural colour and therefore only accept limited pigmentations. 

Silicone Products for Aerospace Applications

Silicone rubber has a wide range of uses on aircraft including:

Case Studies of Silicone Rubber in the Aerospace Industry

Viking extrusions have manufactured and supplied silicone parts for over 25 years. Our products can be found worldwide on aircraft manufactured by industry leaders including:

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