Rubber Extrusions for Energy Generation

Viking Extrusions are leading suppliers of silicone rubber extrusions, gaskets, mouldings and inflatable seals formulated to perform in the challenging environments of the energy generation industry

Renewable Energy

Silicone rubber’s properties make an ideal choice of material for a wide range of uses within the renewable energy sector. Silicone maintains its properties and remains chemically stable through an extreme temperature range ( -60°C to +200°C). Moreover, as silicone is both UV and Ozone resistant, it is well suited to outdoor environments.


Silicone rubbers’ environmental resistance make it well suited to offer protection on wind turbines which are frequently exposed to extreme weather conditions. On wind turbines silicone is used to manufacture a variety of seals and gaskets. Its excellent sealing properties prevent failure by ensuring minimal water and dust ingress. Silicone’s weather resistance increases seal service life and it is not degraded by extreme temperatures like other types of rubber.


In the solar industry silicone rubber is used as vacuum membrane sheets in the manufacturing of solar panels. The properties of silicone including its lifespan, elongation and high tear strength enable it to provide high elasticity when pressure is used to bind solar cells together.

Oil & Gas

The demand for natural resources extracted by the oil and gas industries is ever increasing. Such demand requires materials that can perform reliably over long lifespans. In oil and gas pipeline construction, silicone rubber’s extreme temperature resistance ensures that seals maintain their performance when exposed to the cold winters of Siberia or the heat of the Middle East. Silicone rubber greatly decreases the risk of failure in seals, the material is inert and is resistant to environmental factors such as UV and Ozone. As well as being resistant to extreme high temperatures, silicone rubber also acts as an excellent thermal insulator. Silicone can be used to ensure controlled temperatures are maintained on pipelines operating in cold environments.


As the globe shifts towards clean energy production, demand for nuclear power will continue to increase. Viking Extrusions manufacture a range of nuclear gaskets and seals for applications including:

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