Silicone Rubber Strip Products

Order bespoke silicone strip products at Viking Extrusions. As one of the UK’s leading silicone rubber strip manufacturers, we can guarantee great results and short lead times to all customers. Along with a service that beats our competitors on price.

We regularly make silicone rubber strips cut to any length. From sizes as small as 1mm x 1mm, up to 300mm wide – with maximum thicknesses of 3.5mm. Some of our bigger orders have included sizes up to 70mm x 40mm.

No order is too large or small. We can deliver production runs numbering as high as many 1000s of metres or as low as under 10 metres.

Different types of silicone rubber strips in blue, white, grey and black, stacked on top of each other.

Every type of silicone strip you can think of, suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • From 20° Shore A to 80° Shore A hardness (other grades of silicone are available in more limited shore ranges).
  • Virtually all the silicone sponge strip colours you could want. Including RAL and Pantone numbers. We can also match the colours of any samples you may have. 
  • Made to ISO 3302-1: 2014 E2 tolerances – however, we can make lengths of even tighter tolerances if you need them.
  • Extruded or cut from sheet – whichever is best for you.
  • All product development happens in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

For more information about our manufacturing tolerances, visit our tolerances page

If you have questions about finding the right silicone rubber strip type for your project, contact us today. One of our technical advisors will be happy to run through your best options.

We manufacture a range of silicone rubber strip products for bespoke applications across all major industries.

Silicone rubber strip seal products cut to any length and widths you need. And we can supply them either glued or vulcanised into rings of any size. Just speak to us for more information.

We also make adhesive silicone strips, uniquely designed to get the job done.

If you require general purpose or bespoke, custom sizes of self-adhesive silicone strip products we can make them. Including:

  • With perforations and creases to allow for easy folding (helpful for creating 3D items). 
  • Single or double-sided adhesive, with a finger lift or tabbed liner to make assembly easier. 
  • Multi-use expanded closed-cell sponges, with easy-peel backings. 
  • Medium firmness silicone – with the lightness of foam and the sealing strength of sponge.
  • And more! Specialist tapes are available on request. Just let us know what specifications you need. 

We can provide adhesive backing tapes on all of our self-adhesive silicone rubber strip products if needed.

With the ability to buy or custom-order virtually any type, material and size, our silicone product range is almost limitless.

There are many different variants of silicone, made for all sorts of industrial, residential and external applications. Some of the most common types include:

  • General Purpose Silicone Strips – The most common type of silicone tubing. FDA approved.
  • Platinum Cured Silicone StripsExcellent biocompatibility, with a high-tear strength and transparency. Commonly used in medical, pharmaceutical and food-processing settings. FDA and USP Class VI approved.
  • Heat Stabilised Silicone StripsIdeal for exposure to a broad temperature range of –60°C up to 260°C.
  • High Temperature Silicone StripsIdeal for industry applications subjected to very high temperatures up to 300°C.
  • Metal-Detectable Silicone StripsX-ray detectable. Commonly used in food processing industrial applications.
  • Flame Retardant Silicone StripsAvailable to EN45545-2 specifications (for railway applications) and FAR/JAR 25.823 (for use in the aerospace industry).
  • Conductive Grade Silicone StripsSemi-conductive compound with a low-volume resistivity. Used for electro-conductive parts, EMI shielding and heating elements.
  • Silicone Rubber Foam Types – Often paired with a silicone pressure adhesive to enhance its protective capabilities and resistance to extremely high temperatures.
  • Low Compression Set Silicone – For better resistance to deformation. 
  • Silicone Sponges – With closed cells for protection against water. 
  • Solid Silicone – A solid rubber strip provides a type of edging with excellent flexibility, that can easily be modified, and generally responds well to a variety of environmental pressures.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We have other specialist silicone grades that are available on request. Simply get in touch and we’ll find the ideal grade for you. 

To learn more about the materials we supply, visit our materials page. Where technical datasheets can be viewed and downloaded.

Buy Silicone Rubber Strips Online

For any requirements not available for purchase directly online such as large strips, soft shore strips and specialist material grades. Please contact one of our experienced team members for a fast and competitive quotation.

Common uses for silicone strip products

Silicone strips are sometimes referred to as flexible rubber edging strips and as such are often used as a protective rubber edge trim with gap filling applications when added to sharp items and objects. 

Rubber trim edging protects machinery, items and workers by covering the sharp metal panels and other edges with a smooth, softer rubber. This is important for health and safety reasons, but also to add to the longevity of the equipment. With the added bonus that they often provide a clean and even finish when applied.

Because they are used as seals as well as edge protectors, they are sometimes also referred to as a rubber strip seals. 

Silicone strip products as a type of flexible edging strip are used across all major important industry sectors. Including:

Automative | Food & Beverage | Dairy | Medical & Pharmaceutical | Aerospace | Rail & Mass Transite

Find exactly the silicone strip products you're looking for – right here at Viking Extrusions.

Make a bespoke silicone strip order now or purchase ready-made silicone products from our stock collection. We have large silicone strips, soft shore strips, and specialist material grades. Simply get in touch for a fast, free quotation. 

Whatever it is, we can make it. 

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