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Order bespoke-manufactured silicone cords at Viking Extrusions. We can make silicone cord products glued or vulcanised to form O-rings, or in cord in coil form – cut to any length you need. As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of quality silicone rubber, we can guarantee great results, short lead times, and a service that beats our competitors on price. 

We regularly make standard size silicone cords ranging from 0.5mm up to 37mm OD (outside diameter) and bespoke custom size silicone cords outside of this common range, when required.

No order is too large or small. We deliver custom requirement silicone cords in production runs numbering as high as many 1000s of metres or as low as under 10 metres.

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If you have a bespoke silicone cord requirement — we can make it.

  • From 20° Shore A to 80° Shore  A.
  • All colours, including RAL and Pantone numbers. We can also match colours to any samples you have. 
  • Made to ISO 3302-1: 2014 E2 tight tolerances – however, we can make custom silicone cord of even tighter tolerances if you need them. 
  • Solid silicone cords compliant to 177.2600 and EC 1935/2004 standards. 
  • Made in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. 

To view our manufacturing tolerances, visit our tolerances page. To learn more about our capabilities, visit our cut lengths or joined rings pages. 

If you have any questions about your project requirements or standards, please contact us.

There are many different types of silicone cord options for all types of environment and conditions. We manufacture them all.

We produce many different types of silicone rubber cords, and we are confident we will be able to manufacture what you need for your industrial purposes. We regularly produce rubber cord products with the following properties:

  • General Purpose Silicone Cord  The most common type. General-purpose and FDA approved.
  • Platinum Cured Silicone Cord Excellent biocompatibility, with a high-tear strength and transparency. Highly suitable for use in medical, pharmaceutical, and food-processing industries. FDA and USP Class VI approved.
  • Heat Stabilised Silicone Cord Suitable for a broad temperature range.  Extreme temperatures range from sub-zero temperatures of –60°C up to 260°C.
  • High-Temperature Silicone CordPerfect for use in a variety of high-temperature gasket and sealing applications up to 300°C.
  • Metal-Detectable Silicone CordX-ray detectable grade cord. Metal detectable silicone cord is commonly used in the food-processing industry.
  • Flame Retardant Silicone CordAvailable to EN45545-2 specifications (for railway applications) and FAR/JAR 25.823 (for use in the aerospace industry).
  • Silicone Sponge Cord Grade – With a closed-cell structure. A sponge rubber cord is ideal if additional compressibility is required. Sometimes also referred to as silicone sponge foam rubber cord.
  • Conductive Silicone CordSemi-conductive compound with a low-volume resistivity. Used for electro-conductive parts, EMI shielding and heating elements.

Buy Silicone Rubber Cord Online

For any requirements not available for purchase directly online such soft shore hardness, cut to length silicone cord and joined O-rings. Please contact us to speak to one of our experienced technical advisors for a fast and competitive quotation.

Can't find the specialist silicone grade you need? Simply get in touch and we'll make it.

All other grades are available on request. 

View or download our extruded cord datasheets to learn more about the materials that we use to make our solid cords

Got a question about our technical grade extruded cord worksheets? Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out.  

Industries that use silicone cord

Extruded silicone rubber cord products are used in virtually every industry. Especially when they are joined with a silicone adhesive into making various types of rubber seals and gaskets. Including:

Get exactly the silicone rubber cords that you need at Viking Extrusions. 

Purchase directly online from our silicone rubber cord stock. Or if you require a specific shore hardness, length, or tolerance to make exactly the seals or extrusions that you need  – simply get in touch. Whatever it is, we can make it.

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