What Grades of Silicone Rubber are Available?

General Purpose Silicone Rubber General purpose grades of silicone are used across a wide range of industries due to

General Purpose Silicone Rubber

General purpose grades of silicone are used across a wide range of industries due to their versatile properties. They can operate across a wide temperature range from -60°C to +200°C. They are naturally translucent and can be easily pigmented and matched to any required colour. Viking Extrusions can manufacture products in general purpose silicone from 20° Shore A up to 80° Shore A. All grades of general purpose silicone are FDA compliant and USP class VI certified.

Heat Stabilised Silicone Rubber

Heat Stabilised grades of silicone contain an additive enabling them to operate at temperatures up to 260°C. These are available from 30° Shore A to 80° Shore A.

High Temperature Silicone Rubber

High temperature grades of silicone are available from 40° Shore A to 80° Shore A and contain special an additive enabling them to withstand even higher temperatures, up to 300°C. The additives give these grades a natural cream/off-white colour and pigmentation is more limited.

High Tear Strength Silicones

High tear strength grades of silicone are FDA approved and are available from 50° Shore A to 70° Shore A. They are naturally translucent and can be pigmented to any colour.

Inflatable Grade Silicones

VINF60 is a specialised grade of silicone developed by Viking Extrusions specifically for the manufacture of inflatable seals. It has a high tear strength, is FDA approved and can be pigmented into any colour.

Low Smoke, Low Toxicity Silicones

Viking Extrusions provides specialist grades of material to meet specific aerospace and rail requirements.


VFR(2) is a flame retardant grade of silicone developed for rail applications.  It is available in 68° Shore A, pigmentation is limited to shades of grey. This material meets the following rail spec:

  • EN45545-2
  • NFX70-100
  • BS EN ISO 4589-3 1996
  • NF F 16-101 & NF F 16-102 Classification: F0

Learn more about rail applications of silicone rubber.

VFR 203-803

This flame-retardant grade of material is specified for use in aerospace applications and is available from 20° shore A to 80° shore A. Its natural colour is off-white and pigmentation is limited to shades of grey and some other colours.  This material meets the following FAR/JAR specifications:

  • F1           Flammability CS 25.853 (a) Amdt.18 App.F Pt.I(a)(1)(i) & (b)(4) 60s Vert.
  • F3           Flammability CS 25.853 (a) Amdt.10 App.F Pt.I(a)(1)(v) & (b)(5) 15s Horiz
  • F5           Flammability CS 25.853(a) Amdt.18 App.F Pt.I(a)(2)(ii) & (b)(6) 30sec/45° (60sh only)
  • F9           Smoke Emission ABD0031 IssF
  • F10         Toxic Gas Emission ABD0031 (ppm) IddF

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Platinum Cured Silicone

Platinum cured silicone is crosslinked using a platinum catalyst rather than a peroxide catalyst used for other silicone grades. This material does not require post curing, is more optically translucent and has a high tear strength.

Find out the differences between platinum cured silicone and peroxide cured silicone

Silicone Sponge

Silicone sponge is available in a range of densities and colours. Specialised food safe and flame-retardant grades are available.

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Metal detectable Silicone Rubber

Metal detectable grades of silicone contain metal filings in them and are widely used in the food industry. These filings allow for easy detection if material breaks away from the seal. Metal detectable grades are available from 45° Shore A to 75° Shore A in blue.

Steam Resistant Silicones

This is a high-quality compound that has been developed specifically to resist high pressure steam applications. It has an operating temperature from -60°C to +260°C and is available in 60° shore A.

Conductive Silicones

Semi-conductive silicone has a low volume resistivity after high temperature exposure and is available in black 75° Shore A.

For more information on any of our available compounds please contact one of our technical advisors.

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