What We Need to Know to Effectively Quote You

What we need to know to effectively quote you Silicone rubber is an extremely versatile elastomer that is capable

What we need to know to effectively quote you

Silicone rubber is an extremely versatile elastomer that is capable of being used in a wide variety of industries, from automotive through to household, nuclear, marine, agriculture, aeronautical and many more. There are several different grades of silicone that are designed specifically for certain applications and each of these have their own properties. For a more effective quotation, we would like to know a few details.

What is the application that our profile/seals will be used in?

Are these seals used in an industrial oven (and require metal detectable grade silicone) or will they be used in rail applications (requiring flame retardant grade silicone). Any information you may be able to supply here will help us pinpoint the right type of silicone for you.

Will the product be used in any heat sensitive environment?

Our standard General Purpose silicone (VGP) will work efficiently in operating temperatures of -70°C to +200°C. We also have Heat Stabilised Silicone (VGP-HST) capable of operating between -70°C to +260°C. There is also a High Temperature Silicone (VTHT) which is efficient between -70°C to +300°C. If -70°C isn’t sufficient, we can provide a Low Temperature Silicone (VLTD) which operates between -116°C to +200°C

Apart from our VTHT and VLTD grade compounds, we are still able to offer colour matching to meet your requirements. Give us a call to find out more about this.

Will the product come into contact with any chemical or oil?

Whilst silicone rubber can be used in varied applications, certain chemicals and oils can degrade the compound causing premature failure of the seals. If you believe the seal may have contact with any chemical products during its use or for cleaning it, make us aware so that we can assist you.

What shore hardness do you need?

We operate to shore A grade hardness silicones from 10°sh A to 80°sh A. Each grade of silicone acts differently during extrusion and we will need to effectively adjust the dies and curing environment accordingly to match the required tolerances for your orders. Let us know what you need and we will help you make the right choice.

What grade of silicone is required?

Viking Extrusions Ltd has a wide variety of silicone grades to choose from. Whether it’s extremely low temperature or flame retardant you require, we have a grade that will work.

VGP– this is our general purpose grade silicone. The compound is a translucent base polymer which is FDA approved and available from 10° Sh A to 80° Sh A and is effective for most applications.

VTHT– High temperature grade silicone available from 20° Sh A to 80° Sh A and is a cream/ off white base. The pigmentation options are limited in this grade.

VHTS– High tear strength grade silicone. Available from 50° Sh A to 70° Sh A. If you require extra rigidity, this grade is worth a look.

VFR– Flame Retardant silicone available in a range of shore hardness’s. We have certain grades of this specialised and tested for use in aviation and rail applications. If you’re unsure of exactly what you need, let us assist you.

VPLT– Platinum Cured silicone available in 10°Sh A to 80° Sh A. This differs to our other grades which are hydrogen peroxide cured and require an overnight post cure whereas platinum cured silicone will cure during extrusion. Due to the lack of peroxide residue, the VPLT range will not bloom during long term storage.

VGD– Silicone Sponge grade available in a range of densities. Call us with your requirements and we can assist you.

VCL– Carbon Loaded silicone. This is a semi conductive compound and available in 75° Sh A

VMD– Metal Detectable silicone for use mainly in the food industry. Available in 45°Sh A to 75° Sh A. This is also an X-ray detectable silicone compound should you require this for your application.

We are always increasing our material variety and if you require a certain compound to meet your requirements, give us a call as we may be able to help.

Are there any particular tolerances that are to be adhered to?

Viking Extrusions Ltd currently operates to ISO 3302-1: 2014 standards. Tubes are run to Class E1 tolerances, strips and cords to class E2, and profiles to class E3. All values below are in Millimetres

Nominal DimensionClass E1 Class E2Class E3
Aboveup to and including+/-+/-+/-

With regards to cutting, we operate to a Class L3.

Nominal DimensionClass E3
Aboveup to and including+/-

While these are house margins, if you require tighter tolerances, just let us know and we will make every effort to meet your needs.

Whilst this isn’t an exhaustive list of requirements, we can quote you efficiently and get you the right product for your particular needs.

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