How do inflatable seals work?

Here at Viking Extrusions, we manufacture all our inflatable seals in a relaxed (deflated) attitude.  When you apply the recommended pressure, such as closing a door, the seal will rise up or expand to the sealing face and create a watertight, weather-proof seal that meets all your specifications.

 Inflatable seals are also used to handle fragile and complex objects in a variety of ways, including clamping, pressing, lifting and holding, making them a versatile addition to any production line. 

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 Inflator seals are Watertight

Inflatable seals are often used in a wide range of marine applications, including watertight doorways, cargo hatches, portholes and cofferdam bulkheads. Our watertight inflatable seals even allow for the maintenance of propeller shafts, you can ensure that your vessel is completely watertight and in great condition.

The water resistant properties of our silicone inflatable seals make them a great addition to your doorways, including bi-folding doors for both commercial and domestic applications. You’ll no longer have to worry about ground rain with inflatable seals from Viking Extrusions.

 Inflator seals are highly temperature resistant

In addition to being watertight, our inflatable seals are highly heat and cold resistant, essential if you want a safe sealing solution from dangerous temperatures. The medical and pharmaceutical industries are increasingly relying on inflatable silicone seals to provide the high level of safety and efficiency needed for sterilisation applications and autoclaves.

 Inflator seals offer increased transport safety

Viking Extrusions’ inflatable seals are a popular choice in the transport sector, due to their reliability and safety. As well as using them for sliding doors, train companies use inflatable seals to close the gap between platforms and trains for increased customer safety.

 A number of different industries use our inflatable seals in a variety of applications, including telecommunications, storage containers, nuclear vessels and the aerospace industry. You can learn more about our inflator seals by visiting our Inflator Seals page or downloading our Inflator Seals Brochure.

 Find out how inflator seals will provide you with the level of sealing you require by calling us on +44 (0)1903 205532 or get in touch with us online.