10 Surprising Ways Silicone Extrusions Are Revolutionising Everyday Products

You’ll encounter silicone everywhere. Here are just a few of the places you’ll find it.

Silicone extrusions are the unsung heroes of the manufacturing industry. These flexible, resilient and heat-resistant components effectively enhance the functionality and lifespan of countless items we use daily. With their low thermal conductivity, silicone extrusions provide additional safety to everyday items by lowering the risk of overheating and accidental fires. You’ll find examples of extrusion products throughout almost every industry.

Whether through your morning cup of coffee or the car you drive, silicone extrusions are present behind the scenes, revolutionising the way these products operate. Viking Extrusions, a leading name in the industry, has played a significant role in this revolution. You can delve into 10 surprising ways silicone extrusions are reshaping the landscape of everyday products and discover some extrusion examples to help you shape your needs.

1. Utilisation in the Automotive Industry

Silicone extrusions are a driving force in the automotive industry, offering incredible flexibility, durability and heat resistance. Manufacturers often use these extrusions to produce essential car parts, such as seals, tubing and gaskets. These components ensure the safety and longevity of vehicles, contributing to smoother rides and less frequent part replacements. Companies that utilise silicone extrusions can also pass value on to their customers. 

2. Revolution of Medical Device Production

Silicone extrusions have significantly impacted the medical industry. These components have dramatically enhanced the production of medical devices, as they are easily sterilised and biocompatible. Catheters and implants are just two examples of the products that now utilise silicone extrusions, making medical treatments safer and more effective.

3. Influence in the Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, silicone extrusions have become an integral part of various equipment. Their heat-resistant properties make them perfect for items such as extruded seals for ovens and baking mats. These applications can apply to businesses and individual customers. This revolution has resulted in safer, long-lasting kitchen tools and equipment.

4. Benefit to the Electronic Industry

In electronics, silicone extrusions shine with their thermal resistance and insulating ability. These components, common in wiring systems and keyboard buttons, have rendered electronic devices more durable and reliable. Their electric and heat resistance makes electronics safer and improves their overall longevity. Silicone extrusions can also minimise the heating effects of RAM-intensive programs when they run. The adaptability of silicone extrusions makes them a cornerstone in this ever-evolving industry.

5. Advancement in Construction and Home Improvement

Silicone extrusions have made significant strides in the construction and home improvement sectors. They are common in weather stripping and sealants, as their durability, weather resistance and cost-effectiveness make them a popular choice for constructors and homeowners alike. These rubber silicone products are economical and create added value for the customer.

The Shard in London stands over the River Thames, a project Viking Extrusions was involved in.

6. Enhancement in Fitness and Sports Products

Silicone extrusions benefit the fitness and sports industries considerably. Manufacturers have upgraded wearables and other fitness equipment with these components for better sweat resistance and comfort, enhancing users’ workout experiences. Extrusion examples are evident throughout this thriving industry.

7. Impact on the Clothing and Textile Industry

Silicone extrusions are revolutionising the clothing and textile industry. Whether through waterproofing items or creating long-lasting, heat-resistant fabrics and safety gear, these exceptional materials have elevated the quality and durability of our clothing. Fabrics and other textiles can incorporate silicone without minimising the overall aesthetic appeal of the final product. 

8. Advancement in Personal Care Products

Ever wondered about the sleek design of your toothbrush or your razor’s comfortable grip? Silicone extrusions are the answer, with their unique potential to shape and mould personal care products. You can explore silicone extrusions to meet your manufacturing needs. Their hygienic and flexible nature makes them a perfect fit for this industry.

9. Impact on Children's Toy Manufacturing

Silicone extrusions are leaving a colourful mark on children’s toy manufacturing. Their non-toxic and durable characteristics allow for the creation of safe, colourful and durable toys that children can enjoy for years. You can mould these toys into many shapes and sizes to fit even the smallest hands. 

10. Contribution to the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry relies heavily on silicone extrusions. Their unparalleled heat resistance and durability help in the production of various aerospace materials, ensuring safer and more efficient space travel. Silicone extrusions provide the necessary thermal resistance and mould into any size or shape, making these components easier to work with than traditional materials. Bespoke silicone rubber profiles are available in an extensive range of designs and sizes to suit your individual needs.

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