The Most Innovative Applications of Silicone Extrusions in the Medical Industry

Discover how silicone extrusions have transformed the medical industry.

Silicone, a versatile and biocompatible material, has revolutionised many industries. However, its most profound impact has been in the realm of medical technology. With its unrivalled properties, silicone has enabled breakthroughs in medical treatments and improved patient outcomes. Viking Extrusions has been at the forefront of this innovation as a leading player in silicone extrusion technology.

Why Silicone Is Ideal for the Medical Industry

Silicone holds several unique properties that make it an ideal choice for medical applications. Its biocompatibility ensures minimal tissue reaction when in direct contact with the human body. This makes it a safe option for use in implants, prosthetics and tubing.

Additionally, silicone is durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures, radiation and moisture, making it resilient and dependable in the challenging environment of healthcare. This durability helps to ensure the patient’s comfort and minimises the need to frequently replace equipment that might require surgical implantation.

Two other critical properties of silicone are its flexibility and translucency. The former allows it to form into intricate shapes without losing its strength and resilience. The latter aids visual monitoring in applications such as tubing. Silicone rubber tubing is used extensively by medical professionals during procedures and is one of Viking Extrusions’ essential products.

Innovative Uses of Silicone Extrusions in the Medical Industry

The use of silicone extrusions in medical applications is vast and ever-evolving. Our team is always ready to work with you to design, produce and meet your specifications. Some of silicone’s innovative uses include:

Surgical Instruments

Silicone extrusions play a critical role in surgical instruments and devices, such as surgical tweezers and advanced endoscopes. Silicone is a non-reactive, durable and sterilisable material that manufacturers can fashion into precise, intricate shapes. These tailored shapes can make it easier for medical professionals to grasp and use the tools when performing precise medical procedures.  

Medical Tubing

One everyday use is in medical tubing. This includes feeding tubes, catheters, IV lines and endotracheal tubes, which facilitate a variety of medical procedures and patient care needs. Our team can collaborate with you to tailor the design to meet your requirements for the tubing’s length and circumference. 

A selection of different types of medical tubing made from silicone.

Orthotics and Prosthetics

Silicone extrusions enable prosthetics and orthotics to provide a comfortable, body-friendly interface that can conform to a patient’s unique physical structure while standing up to the wear and tear of daily use. The flexibility of silicone extrusions allows these parts to move more freely to meet the needs of the person wearing them. Professionals must tailor each prosthetic and orthotic for a specific person’s use, and silicone extrusions can make the process easy and more adaptable.  

Medical Devices and Implants

Implants and other internal medical devices are another area where silicone extrusions have made a significant impact. Silicone’s ability to maintain its structural integrity and biocompatibility despite exposure to the body’s internal environment makes it an excellent material for pacemakers, cochlear implants and artificial joints. The unique properties of silicone extrusions help to minimise the reaction of human tissue to its presence. Our team takes pride in offering only high-quality products for use in the medical industry. 

Work With Viking Extrusions To Boost Your Medical Supply Needs

Silicone extrusions are shaping the future of the medical industry, providing innovative solutions for diverse healthcare applications. Its resilience, durability, biocompatibility and flexibility allow silicone extrusions to meet and exceed the stringent demands of this critical sector.

Silicone’s unique and adaptable properties, combined with our technological expertise at Viking Extrusions, mean we can provide you with a solution tailored to your exact specifications. 

As a leader in silicone extrusion technology with over 30 years of experience, Viking Extrusions holds a proven track record for delivering high-quality, customised silicone solutions for medical applications and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our rigorous testing protocols and adherence to international standards demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety. 

We work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that meet the specific requirements of their medical applications. Be it a unique shape, size, hardness or colour, we can provide a silicone solution that fits your needs perfectly.

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