6 Benefits of Silicone in Rubber Products

Let’s explore the many reasons why silicone rubber fares better than regular rubber.

Silicone rubber is ultra-dynamic, lending itself to many of our core industries like aviation, electrical and medical sectors. As a material, silicone is super strong and flexible, offering an easier way to create products and industrial parts. 

What Is Silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic elastomer. This means it has sufficient elastic properties that can be used for various products such as extrusions. 

As a material, silicone comprises silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Be careful not to confuse silicon and silicone – they are entirely different. One comes from a natural element, and the other is a manufactured material. 

While silicone is a popular material, it’s a complex production process to manufacture. This is one of the reasons why silicone is more expensive than regular, natural rubber. 

What Can Silicone Rubber be Used For?

This unique material is a favourite among most industries for extra durability, making it both high-quality and cost-effective. 

Some of the ways silicone rubber can be used are:

  • Medical: This industry uses silicone rubber for items like adhesives, defoamers and tubing.
  • Aerospace: Did you know that spacesuit fabrics use silicone rubber? Other aerospace usage includes seals, gaskets and tools – plus everything needed for aircraft maintenance. 
  • Automotive: vehicles need silicone rubber for weather-resistant parts and to help control vibrations. Some coatings and varnishes also use silicone-based rubber.
  • Electronics: The electronics industry needs silicone rubber for lubricants, keyboards, insulating tape and much more! 
  • Construction: Silicone rubber is highly weather resistant, making it the perfect construction material.
  • Consumer Products: This versatile material is used in everyday products like cake moulds, utensils, rubber bands, sportswear, shoes and many other at-home appliances.

The Excellent Benefits of Using Silicone Rubber 

As one of the most synthetic rubbers on the market, silicone has been a game-changer for even the most demanding industries. 

Let’s get started on why you should choose silicone rubber for your business. 

6 Benefits of Silicone in Rubber Products - 6 Benefits of Silicone in Rubber Products - Viking Extrusions

Thermal Stability 

Silicone rubber can withstand extreme temperatures, something natural rubber cannot. This factor is crucial for industries like aviation and automation. In addition, heat-resistant rubber is necessary for many other products – home appliances and cooking equipment. In fact, most compounds can stay wholly intact and generally retain their properties in extreme temperatures. Silicone rubber can also maintain flexibility in much colder temperatures, making it the perfect all-rounder for use globally. 

Excellent Hygiene Capabilities

Silicone rubber is non-porous, making bacterial build-up virtually impossible. As a result, this material benefits medical products, kitchen utensils and other food applications. Not only that, but silicone rubber is water-resistant, non-toxic and recyclable. 

Extreme Versatility 

Silicone rubber is the ultimate customisable material. It’s easy to mould and can be adjusted for specialised properties, like heat and water resistance. In addition, silicone rubber can be manufactured in every shade imaginable if you need a specific colour to match your branding. 

Ultra Weather-Resistant

Using silicone rubber outdoors is an excellent choice. This weather-resistant material can withstand prolonged amounts of sunlight, UV light, radiation, harsh temperatures and storms. Silicone sealant is one of the most popular ways to use silicone outdoors. 

Because silicone rubber compounds are made from a mixture of silicone and oxygen atoms, it offers a remarkable resilience that most materials don’t possess. In fact, silicone rubber is chemically inert and can endure many substances, such as acids and water. 

Highly Flexible 

Easily modified and responsive, silicone rubber offers flow and flexibility like no other. Valued for its ability to endure ultra-high and low temperatures, this synthetic polymer will always retain its form and flexibility no matter what. Plus, it boasts an impressive compression set, maintaining its shape and flexibility despite 

Maximum Durability 

Is silicone rubber durable? Yes, silicone rubber is one of the most durable materials known to man. As mentioned earlier, silicone rubber is heat and flame-resistant, withstanding incredibly high temperatures without compromising its properties. It is also valued for its ability to endure outdoor elements like sunlight and UV gamma radiation. 

As you can see, choosing silicone rubber is a no-brainer. Explore Viking Extrusions to learn more about this remarkable material and see how we can help your business.

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