The Use of Silicone Extrusions in Construction

Want to know why silicone extrusions are ideal for the construction industry?

Silicone extrusions offer a solution to many challenges faced by construction workers. For example, unintentional movement, leaks and incompatible products can be a nightmare on building sites, but with silicone extrusions, these problems are easily managed, making work more streamlined.

In fact, these days, construction relies heavily on high-quality silicone extrusions for various projects. So read on to find out some of the purposes of using silicone extrusions in construction. 

What are Silicone Extrusions?

Silicone extrusions are manufactured sheets of silicone. They are thin and flexible and can be made into any shape, length or colour. Thanks to its weather, water and heat-resistant properties, silicone is the leading material of choice for most civil engineering projects. 

What are Silicone Extrusions Used for in Construction?

  • Metal on Metal Joinery: The ideal way to bridge metal materials and provide a strong sealant resistant to all elements. 
  • Wall Connections: Using silicone extrusions to seal vulnerable positions on a building offers integrity, reducing problems at the building’s exclosure. Extruded silicone also provides a more energy-efficient and functional component for cavity wall construction. 
  • Window Seals: Restoring ageing windows with silicone extrusions is an excellent way to keep them strong and intact for longer.
  • Transition Seals: Industrial silicone extrusions can effectively seal different construction materials to each other. Transitional materials can occur at multiple locations during the building. Thankfully, extruded silicone is highly versatile, offering a stable solution to sealing various materials.
  • Edge Trim: Protect edges of panels from impact. Using highly flexible, heat-resistant silicone extrusions will ensure super-tight protection. 
  • Expansion Joints: Protect your building from movements caused by high temperatures and secure joints with silicone rubber extrusions. Silicone can endure temperatures above 200 degrees Celcius, making it the perfect substance for expansion joints. 
  • Reduce Vibrations: Silicone extrusion sealants absorb stress. It will prevent vibrations and protect the building from damage caused by frequent movement. 
  • Air Duct Insulation: HVAC systems can benefit from the extraordinary properties of silicone. Due to silicone’s ability to retain its form, flow and flexibility when exposed to extreme temperatures, it can safely be used in building air conditioning systems. 

Choosing the right silicone extrusion for specific applications within the construction process is vital. Explore Viking Extrusions to find out what we can do for you and your business today.

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