Medical and FDA Compliant Extrusions

Both the medical and food production industries are subject to regulation that requires a specific grade and quality for rubber extrusions. All materials used must satisfy the relevant health and safety requirements. At Viking Extrusions, we are experts in manufacturing a wide range of FDA compliant silicone rubber extrusions that are suitable for these specialised applications.

Extrusions for the Food Industry
Silicone is ideal for the food and beverages industry, offering both powerful sealing properties and the capability to endure a huge range of temperatures. This means that it can be safely used in mixing and cooking processes, as well as providing a translucent option for tubing in breweries and similar applications. It’s easy to clean, ensuring a high level of hygiene – essential for this industry.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Silicone Extrusions and Tubing
Similarly, we offer a diverse range of medical silicone extrusions, cords, and medical tubing that can be safely used within the medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our medical grade silicone compounds meet the necessary biocompatibility requirements; they are non-toxic for the human body and durable enough to resist a wide range of operating temperatures, as well as common sterilisation processes.

All our general purpose silicone rubber compounds are FDA compliant. Please see our data sheets under the Technical Data section on this website for information on the various grades and suitability. Our technical team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and recommend a silicone grade for any other application.

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