Silicone Tubing and Silicone Rubber Tubing Manufacturers

We manufacture silicone rubber tubing for a wide variety of applications, such as:

Electrical sleeving
For carrying liquids and powders
Transporting hot and cold air
Silicone is preferable to other rubber materials because it can withstand extreme temperatures. It also has non-stick properties and is considered to be very hygienic.

Industries that use silicone rubber tubing
Silicone tubes are very popular in the pharmaceutical and food-processing industries. They are also commonplace in:

Machine manufacturing
The computer industry
The dairy industry
Air management systems (ducting)
We have many different types of grade silicone tubing — for all applications
We have many different types of silicone flexible tubing, and we are confident we will have what you need for your industry purposes. Some of the most popular types of silicone tubes include:

Platinum-cured silicone tubing — This translucent silicone tubing is a popular “all-rounder”. Platinum silicone has an excellent biocompatibility for medical and pharmaceutical applications and has a high-tear strength. It is also used in food processing, peristaltic pumps, as an air hose, and literally hundreds of other applications.
Heat-stabilised rubber tubing — Ideal for industries where high temperatures are the norm. Resistant to heat even at 260°C, whilst also providing a powerful seal. (Neoprene and heat shrink tubing are also available.)
Metal-detectable silicone tubing — An FDA approved type of food grade tubing commonly found in consumables and the food processing industries.
Flame-retardant tubing — Perfect for use in fire or direct heat contact applications. We use a flame retardant silicone with self-extinguishing properties. This type of tubing is independently tested and deemed fire safe for a wide variety of applications and environments.
Fuel tubing — Often used for radio-controlled models. Methanol resistant.
General purpose silicone tubing — The most common type of silicone tubing. Our general purpose silicone is FDA approved.

Information on our silicone tubing sizes
We produce silicone tube sizes from 0.5mm OD up to 100mm OD (outside diameter). We work to tighter tolerances than the industry standard and have low minimum order quantities (depending on tube size and bore size). Meaning it’s easy to get exactly what you need without compromising on quality.

General-purpose grades can be offered in hardness ranges from 20⁰ shore to 80⁰ shore. But we manufacture most sizes, wall thicknesses and grades. We can produce in all colours and offer a colour matching service if required. Please contact us for more information.

Our guarantee to you
We will supply you with a superior quality product at a competitive price. You can be sure that our in house quality systems — along with our ISO 9001:2015 approval – will result in a first-rate product that will not let you down in service.

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